Tuesday, 4 September 2012

And now for something completely different

The Brainwave

Last night I was waylaid by a brainwave.

A brand new idea, a bolt from the blue, a turning on its head.

I turned and paddled and I caught that wave

taking the steep drop and feeling it surge beneath me.

I rode its neural pathways,

the thrill of a new plan like a slap of wind in my face.

Before I'd finished riding I had another wave and then another.

The brainwaves came on, growing larger and frothier

until I was engulfed in a wild brainstorm.

Thunder announced a thought from the east,

lightning illuminated my mind from the west,

and gusts of wind swept new possibilities around me.

Then I remembered I'd left the washing on the line.

So I put on my braincoat and ran out

to save my clean clothes from being saturated with revolutionary plans.

Those things never come out.

That done, I stood in the storm

listening to the wind and feeling its freshness, its new perspective,

all those ideas filling the gutters, soaking the soil.

Soccer will be off tomorrow, but it's good for the garden -

imagine what will be sprouting from there in the coming weeks.

I lay awake all night

unable to sleep for the stars and the universe and this warmth inside me,

my tanks filled and sloshing with lovely fresh breathing new thoughts.


  1. So what is your new idea???????

    1. haha, I'm not sure I want to say! It was one of those ones that seem like a good idea late at night, but in the bright light of morning show some cracks...

    2. Tell us please please! Oh wise one. You simply must!!!! After leading in with this.... We writhe on the floor in agony anticipating your big reveal.... We're in agony, man! Agony!!!!

    3. Or you could just tell me, secretly....

  2. I love all your posts Steve... but I really LOVE this one! You have a way with words that makes me green with (pleasurable) envy.

    "the thrill of a new plan like a slap of wind in my face" . Wow - I know that feeling.

    Please keep heading down this path.

    1. thanks so much Chairy Godmother! I've got a couple more things like this in the pipeline...