Monday, 22 October 2012

TV is the devil

TV is the devil o yea

It leads us into temptation.

That devious device we invite into our homes to

sit in the corner and batter us with

crass comments and insidious urgings.

It says the kingdoms of sports, movies and crime drama

will be ours if only we fall down and worship it.

Its forked tongue turns us from participants to observers

in the dance of life.

Every night it comes bearing news,

but even this serves only to depress and fill us with fear

and a sense of hopelessness in a world out of control.

TV is the devil o yea.

The microwave is Lazarus o yea

It brings food which is stiff and cold

back to life, to be enjoyed once more.

The dishwasher is John The Baptist o yea

It cleanses our plates and glasses

And washes their unholiness away.

The refrigerator is Noah’s Ark o yea

Into this vessel go the chickens and the fishes

and the lambs and the bacons and the beefs and the turkeys

that would otherwise surely perish.

The sink is Pontious Pilate o yea

Where we wash our hands of all that ails us.

The radio is Jesus o yea

So let’s gather round and listen.   


  1. I like tv. I'm wotching it right now :) but im wotching abc, so its not too hardcore. Actually Channel 10 gives me a headache. Why do they make those colours so bright? Anyway. I'm surprised you even have a refrigerator Steve. I was thinking about whether it was possible to live without one, but i'd like to buy meat on special. Is that so passe of me? I buy free range low carbon kangaroo fillets after all! Also then where would you get ice cubes for mango smoothies from? You've got to consider these things....

    1. hahaha, i don't know what to say exactly. How about, 'nice comment'. Yes you do have to consider those things, and many others besides.

  2. classic steve! classic. gather round and listen indeed! anon does have a point about mango smoothies though.... but i reckon a fresh mango would do just fine. :-)

    1. Thanks mate. Mango time is upon us!

    2. I had a fresh mango for dinner FYI. Im not all bout the smoothie exclusivity, or anything....AND i didnt wotch any tv today AT ALL, thank you very much :) are you proud?

  3. I love reading what everyone else says... life ain't simple, is it. We all see things through our own lenses and that's a good thing I reckon. Makes it all more fun
    and problematic but interesting. For me, I would not be without my TV or frig. Tv widens my understanding of the world.. so many amazing programmes about things I would otherwise know nothing. and my frig? How 'bout a cold
    glass of white wine at the end of a loong hot day/ week??